Keys&Fly facilitates your mobility

Management of your voyages and stays

We organize your high-end voyages and stays around the world.

Managing your home in your absence

We maintain and ensure the safety of your villa in your absence: maintenance, surveillance, pets etc.

Help to finance your voyages

By renting your residence in your absence with an advance on your rental income when you book your voyage.

Assistance to finance your secondary residence

By its seasonal rental in your absence without any effort on your part and the flexibility to live there when you want.

Entrust your property to Keys&Fly to maximize your income or finance your vacation.

Primary residence

Treat yourself to a dream holiday by renting your villa in your absence. We guarantee an advance on your rental income when booking your voyage.

Secondary residence

Maximize your income through its seasonal rental in your absence without any effort on your part and keep the freedom to reside there whenever you want.

Our options

icone oiseau

Keys&Fly Voyage

Tips and preferential rates for exceptional voyages.

icone key

Keys&Fly Concierge

Regular and complete maintenance of your residence in your absence (without rental).

icone conciergerie

Keys&Fly Concierge +

A significant increase in income without any effort on your part, thanks to the rental of your residence (primary or secondary).

icone voyage k&f

Keys&Fly Voyage +

Self-financing of your voyages through your rental income.

Voyage inspirations

For holidays organized according to your desires, without constraints (neither budget, nor maintenance/ monitoring of your residence).

Private tour with French guide


Island paradise

Cruise & shipping at sea

A team of trust to ensure your complete peace of mind.

Whether you are going on vacation, or simply need a team to take care of your property, the quality of our services is our top priority. We make sure everything is perfect so that your property remains impeccable in your absence.

“An innovative, high-end service”


“When I got back from my voyage, I got my keys, everything was perfect, tidy. Like I’d never left him.”


Luxury Concierge

The changing needs of high-end property management require skills that we strive to demonstrate on a daily basis. Responsiveness, availability and quality of service are the watchwords of our company with the objective of zero worries and zero effort on the part of our owner customers.


Exceptional service

The quality of the services we offer is our top priority.



Services adapted to your needs: babysitting, gardening, cleaning, swimming pool etc.


Peace of mind

Finished the worry of leaving his villa without maintenance or supervision in your absence.


Trusted partner

A holiday organized exactly according to your desires, with a budget increased thanks to the rental of your villa.